Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Broadway Neighborhood of Capitol Hill

A need for art supplies brought me to Capitol Hill today so I took a 6.7 mile walk through many of the streets between Madison and Aloha from Broadway to 14th Avenue E.

This is a high density neighborhood with lots of things to see; it is probably one of the the most walkable neighborhoods in Seattle.

The southern portion is dominated by Seattle Central Community College and Cal Anderson Park. Today, there were lots of people out enjoying the park's sun, shade and water feature.

Broadway is door to door restaurants and shops;

it has a few big construction holes (one for the light rail tunnel) and views of the Space Needle.

The northern portion houses Lowell Elementary School and is close to Volunteer Park. There are many large single family houses and tree-lined streets in this area.

The area north of John and east of Broadway is residential with some single family homes and lots of apartment houses. I spotted a planned park at the corner Federal and Republican, a community garden at 10th and Thomas and a similar sculpture around the block from the Jimi Hendrix sculpture.

This area is home to the Century Ballroom housed in the Odd Fellows Hall on Pine, Parkside School, Central Lutheran Church and All Pilgrims Christian Church.

There was much to see and enjoy on this walk.

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