Thursday, August 25, 2011

Capitol Hill - Montlake and Stevens Neighborhoods

My husband and I took a 5.9 mile walk through Interlaken Park today. It was a wonderful place to be on a warm and sunny day. We walked through the park and along Boyer Avenue E including many dead end streets off Boyer.

The road through the park may not be the safest place for walkers due to the lack of sidewalks but traffic was not heavy today and drivers appeared to be going around blind curves at a reasonable speed. There are hiking trails through the park.

This is a lovely area dominated by the park. Many houses are hidden on the dead end streets and the cliffs in the park. Some look out on Portage Bay. Stairways and paths into the park pop up in quiet areas.

The biggest surprise was the South Portage Bay Habitat near Everett Avenue E and the Montlake Playfield.

This was a great walk and the only negative aspect of the neighborhood is the noise from 520.

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