Monday, August 8, 2011

Maple Leaf

Today, I returned to the Maple Leaf neighborhood for a 5.5 mile walk. I covered the streets I had not already walked between 5th and 14th Avenues NE from NE 75th to 88th Street.

The area west of Roosevelt is a lovely residential area with lots of lovely brick tudor homes and others that look like they came from the pages of a storybook.

The Maple Leaf Reservoir is being covered and a park will be constructed on top of it, making this lovely neighborhood even greener. A sign declared Maple Leaf was the Neighborhood of the Year 1986.

This area is home to St. Catherine's Church and School (the church was open and is a lovely, small church), the Maple Leaf Play Area, Listen and Talk School, and a coworking office.

The area close to Lake City Way has a lot of traffic and is more business oriented and there is an entrance to I-5. This area is home to Chiang's Gourmet, Glo Dry Cleaners, Mojito Cafe, the Wandering Cafe and house that looks to be devoted to protesting.

Another really interesting walk.

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