Monday, August 8, 2011

Maple Leaf

Last Wednesday, I took a 4.5 mile walk through the Maple Leaf neighborhood. This walk covered the streets from NE 88 to 95th Street between 5th and 12th Avenues NE.

Homes are mostly modest and streets close to Roosevelt Way have sidewalks and curbs.
Most streets and most homes are neat and tidy and may have lovely gardens. Lavender was in bloom everywhere.

The water tower near the Maple Leaf Reservoir was probably once the highest thing around here and it's nicely painted with maple leaves. The area is now home to some unsightly cell phone transmission towers which do not add to the ambiance of this nice neighborhood.

Roosevelt Way runs through this area and is the home to many shops including Brush Life and Hang Fire (an art/gallery frame shop), Blue Saucer Coffee Shop, 7 Eleven, a dry cleaners, Ace Hardware (a great place to browse), Math 'n' Stuff, Maple Leaf Grill, Maple Leaf Pharmacy, Roosevelt Ale House, Snow Goose Gallery, Between Cultures Gallery, Maxines Florist, Cloud City Coffee and the Perkins School.

There was enough here to make the walk really interesting.

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