Saturday, August 13, 2011

Maple Leaf

My husband and I returned to Maple Leaf today to walk the hilly eastern edge. We walked streets between 15th Avenue NE and Lake City Way from NE 94th to 102nd.

Lake City Way is a busy commercial street but all the other streets are residential. 15th Avenue has sidewalks and curbs but most other streets do not. Thornton Creek ravine provides lots of greenery and a some pretty steep drop-offs. This resulted in lots of staircases. We passed five or six on this short walk and went up or down many of them. There are also lots of dead end streets but many of these have trails or staircases connecting them to their continuation streets.

Homes in this part of Maple Leaf tend to be modest but, as in many Seattle neighborhoods, some newer, larger homes have been built here.

Sacajawea Elementary School is located in this neighborhood and many of the staircases are located near the school. Some of the streets immediately around the school have sidewalks. Sacajawea Playground is located next to the school grounds.

Lakeview Free Methodist Church is located on 15th.

Lake City Way houses a tire store, a clinic, architect/construction offices, a hobby/business rental space building and the recently closed Italian Spaghetti House (a victim of the economy after 54 years in business).

This walk was a real workout due to the steep hills.

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