Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Yesterday, I took a 4.6 mile walk through a neighborhood whose signs called it Maple Leaf but the Seattle City Clerk's Office calls Roosevelt. I walked the streets from NE 80th to 91st Street between Lake City Way and the Maple Leaf Reservoir going as far west as 12th Avenue NE.

On and adjacent to Lake City Way, this neighborhood consisted of businesses (including Ying's Chinese Drive In, Lighthouse Dive Shop, a 7 Eleven, a BMW dealership with lots of motorcycles, a Seattle Public Utilities station with greenery and a bench, Cooper's Ale House, Mr. Villa's Mexican Restaurant, a computer repair shop, Cafe Kopi, a pet food store, an Eagle's Aerie meeting place, an assisted living facility, a Thai restaurant, a trailer park, a tavern, a strip club and a storage facility), apartments and what was probably rental houses. But just a short distance away were some nice streets of well-cared for homes.

In some areas, the overheard wires detract from the appeal but there are still lovely gardens and some whimsical garden art.

I even saw some ripe blackberries.

Surrounding the Maple Leaf Reservoir were streets of lovely homes and new townhouses called Maple Leaf Commons. Nearby is the old Waldo Hospital which became the Camp Fire Headquarters until it was sold to a private school. There were no signs on the property but I found a site that said it was the Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder private Jewish day school, which plans to operate an early childhood facility and elementary and high school classrooms at the site.

A really diverse area with some streets that are hidden treasures.

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