Monday, August 22, 2011

Haller Lake

Today, I took a 5.9 mile walk in the Haller Lake neighborhood near Northwest Hospital and Washelli Cemetery. I walked streets between Stone Avenue N and I-5 from Northgate Way to 125th Street.

This is a very diverse neighborhood. The western portion is dominated by the hospital and the cemetery but also houses a trailer park and Halcyon, a community of manufactured homes for the elderly. There is a golf driving range to the west and a large storage yard for building supplies and equipment to the north. Historical markers are placed along the fence and do add interest. They got me thinking about what this neighborhood was like years ago and wondering if an amusement park could still fit in today.

Due west of the hospital is Stendall Place, an upscale private community.

The streets immediately north and east of the hospital and cemetery are mostly residential but close to Northgate Way, there are medical/dental buildings and businesses. Northgate Elementary School is sandwiched between the hospital and I-5 but still one block from each. Its ball field goes all the way to Corliss Avenue.

There were many dead end streets and some of the streets were quite nice

while others looked unloved.

There were some newer dense housing complexes and lots of housing built close to walls and fences.

My biggest discoveries on this walk were the separate religious cemeteries within Washelli. Cemetery. This makes sense since many religions bury their dead in consecrated ground and they probably all have their own ways of consecrating.

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