Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bitter Lake

The weather was beautiful this morning when I took a 7.2 mile walk in the Bitter Lake neighborhood. I walked most of the streets from N 115th to 130th Street between Greenwood Avenue N and North Park Avenue N.

There was traffic on Greenwood, 130th and 125th but the rest of the streets were quiet, residential streets of mostly modest single family homes.

This area borders on the large and tidy looking Ida Culver House - Broadview (a senior community). It houses apartments, condos, a few single family residences and a few businesses. It borders on the Armadillo Consignment Shop, houses a small strip mall with a 7 Eleven and some fast food shops. Across Greenwood is the Broadview Branch of the Seattle Public Library.

Fire Station 24 is on 130th.

and Broadview Community Church are in this neighborhood.

I saw a sign warning of daytime "burlaries" (it must be true, someone stole the g) and walked a short stretch on the Interurban Trail North.

The area is flat except for a hilly section on the eastern edge. Sidewalks are rare and curbs even rarer. There are some lovely yards and most (but not all houses) are well tended. I saw a few walkers and some young moms out with their babies in jogging strollers.

Walking grids is often not as entertaining as serendipitous walking but it lets me fill in more contiguous territory on my walking map:-)

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