Friday, September 2, 2011

Eastern Broadview

I could hear birds singing today as I walked 6.2 miles through the streets of the eastern section of Broadview. I walked the street from NW 115th to 130th Street between 3rd Avenue NW to Greenwood Avenue N.

I could see the Ida Culver House on yesterday's walk but today, I walked all around this very tidy complex which takes up two city blocks. Just north of Ida Culver is Foss Village, also a very well-kept complex.

This neighborhood looked to be more expensive than the streets east of Greenwood that I walked yesterday. There were more trees and nice Sound views.

130th, 3rd and Greenwood are busy streets but houses on these streets often had alley access and more privacy that I might have expected.

Many streets have sidewalks on one side but curbs are rare.

This area houses the library and consignment store I saw yesterday as well as a dentist office.

I was greeted by angry-looking dogs on some of the quieter streets but, luckily, they were fenced in.

I walked the lovely, winding street with the alternative edge at 2nd NW between NW 117th and 120th and wished that more streets could be redesigned this way.

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