Saturday, September 24, 2011

Capitol Hill

After two days (walking 20 miles) in Vancouver, BC, I took a short walk on Capitol Hill yesterday. My 2.2 mile walk found me on the streets just west and north of Seattle Central Community College (SCCC). This is a busy area with lots of restaurants

and pubs (with names like Captain Black's, the Stumbling Monk and Clever Dunne's Irish House) near and along Olive, Twice Sold Tales and Half Price Books bookstores, peek-a-boo views of the Space Needle and a church (whose cornerstone reads Westminster Presbyterian Church 1896-1923 but whose reader-board makes it look as if the building is now Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church). The streets were busy even though school had not yet started at SCCC; the energy in this neighborhood is always invigorating.

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