Friday, September 30, 2011

University of Washington (3 Walks)

The last three days, I have been walking before or after class at the UW. My 11.3 mile walks have taken me through the campus, the hospital and medical center, along Portage Bay and into the neighborhoods surrounding the campus. Near Union Bay, I saw the Benton's clock which had been located on the Ave for many years. It was moved here when the jewelry store moved but now the jewelry store has been replaced by a financial investment office.

Heading south, I came to the Center for Urban Horticulture and the UW Botanic Gardens.

On the first day of school, Red Square was full of students, organizations that wanted to attract them and product advertisers giving out samples.

Walking down 15th Avenue NE, I passed the Architecture building, the Physics Astronomy building and the Institute of Religion (probably an LDS not a UW institute). Where 15th ended at the water, I saw Aqua Verde Cafe with a line outside the door. It is nicely located at the Sakuma Viewpoint near the dock for the new mini ferry to South Lake Union.

I passed the UW Police offices, a bicycle store, a used sports equipment store and the Boat Street Marina as I walked to the University Bridge.

Walking along Portage Bay, I passed the Ocean Teaching Building, the spot where the old Showboat Theatre was once located and some nice picnic spots.

I walked through the Montlake Cut which connects Union Bay and Portage Bay and is part of the waterways which connect Lake Washington, Lake Union, the ship canal, Salmon Bay, the Locks and Puget Sound.

I saw the bridgekeeper's tower of the Montlake Bridge

as I passed in back of the ever-expanding hospital and medical center.

UW buildings around here are too numerous to mention them all but they are a real mix of traditional and modern. Now that school is in session, this whole area is full of people and I will return for more walks.

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