Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Broadview and Bitter Lake

I was back in the Broadview and Bitter Lake neighborhoods today for a 7.5 mile walk. I walked most of the streets between 1st NW and Aurora from N 105th to 115th Street.

105th and Greenwood are busy streets and I had to wait quite a while for the traffic light to change at the intersection of Greenwood, 105th and Holman Road. This intersection is commercial and Lenny's Fruit and Vegetable store had nice looking produce at reasonable prices.

Greenwood Avenue has new sidewalks and 1st, Palatine and Phinney between 107th and 110th are curved with Street Edge Alternatives.

The neighborhood is relatively flat and many streets east of Greenwood are much more modest than those west of Greenwood and both sides have lots of alleyways.

Greenwood Avenue has lots of apartments/condos but the other streets have single family homes.

The artistically designed Viewland Hoffman Receiving Substation and the Interurban Trail North are located in this neighborhood.

This neighborhood is home to a few vegetable gardens, a cruelly pruned tree and quite a few churches (Grace Evangelical Lutheran,

Seattle Church Assembly,

Living Way Foursquare Church

and Bethel Presbyterian Church whose signboard indicates that it is now at Trinity Presbyterian).

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