Saturday, January 14, 2012

West Woodland Section of Ballard

It snowed today as my husband and I took a 4.7 mile walk through the West Woodland section of Ballard. The snow accumulated on (and fogged up) my glasses so I had to remove them. The facts that I was probably missing some interesting sights and that the sidewalk became slippery made us cut our walk short but we will return to investigate what else this area has to offer. We walked streets between 11th and 15th NW from Market Street to Shilshole Ave NW.

This is mostly an industrial area with a few tidy homes and yards mixed in. Marine and building businesses abound. (This being seattle, there was Restore, a used building material store.) The area east of 11th looked more residential but we'll investigate that on a future walk.

14th Avenue has a median strip but it appeared to be used for parking. Old railroad tracks shared the streets with bike lanes and even a pedestrian lane.

Interesting sights turn up everywhere.

This area is home to a very large Fred Meyer store and parking lot, a Safeway store with a large parking garage, lots of property and 'Ballard' on its sign, a Trader Joe's with a large parking lot,

the 14th Avenue NW Boat Ramp, the north end of the Ballard Bridge,

The Bardahl sign was visible for blocks and we saw sign for the Domanico Cellars Tasting Room. We passed three large parcels on NW Market where cranes indicated building was in progress.

For a list of walk discoveries and an index of walks by neighborhood visit my index page (which now occupies the oldest posting position - June 8, 1010).

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