Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It was back to Wallingford today for my husband and me where we walked 5 miles and experienced the disorientation of having Stone Way N intersect Stone Avenue N. We walked the streets between Stone and Meridian Avenues N from N 45th to N 50th Street.

45th is a busy commercial street. Stone Way and 50th are busy traffic streets. This stretch of Stone Way has quite a few restaurants, pubs and cafes. The streets in between are residential with lovely older homes - some being replaced by newer multiplexes.

a post office, two mail boxes (one in the parking lot across from the post office and the other at the corner of 46th and Wallingford), St. Benedict's Catholic Church

(the church was open so I went in to admire the interior),

a skinny real estate office and quite a few restaurants.

We noticed a colorful mural painted on the street surface at the intersection of 49th and Burke,

a children's book store, Molly Moon's Ice Cream Shop,

Murphy's Pub, Solid Ground, a mural advertising the Wallingford Art Walk (every first Wednesday 6-9),

some bizarre decorations outside Bizzarro's restaurant and that Bill the Butcher is coming to Wallingford.

There were quite a few people out walking as we experienced this relaxed-feeling neighborhood.

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