Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I wore sunglasses and my husband kept pointing out ganzania flowers today as we finished walking the streets of Wallingford. We walked 3.4 miles along the streets between Stone Way and Wallingford Avenue from N 40th to N 45th Street that we had not already walked.

Stone Way and 45th are commercial, the rest of the neighborhood is a mix of residential and educational (with two large schools house here). Hamilton Middle School is in the southeast part of this area and the old Lincoln High School in the north-central. Lincoln is currently housing McDonald and Lowell Elementary Schools while they are being renovated.

There are new, upscale condos on Stone Way and University House. We saw a 'proposed land use action' sign which indicated that a new 93 unit building was going up.

This area is home to Wallingford Presbyterian Church which appears to share the building with Seattle Glory Presbyterian Church (probably Korean), Wallingford House, a few playhouses,

Cometa Playschool (which is next door to Kuma Coffee and its entertaining reader board), some well-tended rockeries and parking strips, another tree swing, yard art and a utility pole with an attachment I'd never seen before.

I'm almost sorry to have finished walking the streets of Wallingford but know I will return even as I move on to other neighborhoods.

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