Thursday, January 26, 2012

North Central Greenwood

My husband and I returned to Greenwood today for a 4.3 mile walk. We walked streets from N 95th to N 104th between 3rd NW and Evanston Avenue N. This is another of those neighborhoods where North meets Northwest.

Except for businesses along Greenwood, this is a residential neighborhood. A few streets have sidewalks and/or curbs but most do not. The streets without curbs had lots of puddles today but not many potholes.

We saw a few day care centers and one doggie day care. We passed the large Salvation Army facility which we had seen on prior walks.

Along Greenwood, we saw a bakery named 'Wheatless in Seattle', a pub named 'The Ould Triangle' and the lots that once housed Lalani Lanes (where over 200 units of housing are planned).

At 101st and Holman Road, we saw a triangular lot with a Magnolia Lawn and Garden Service sign - it looked as if it might have been used a Christmas tree or pumpkin patch lot.

On the residential streets, we saw an artful mailbox, a tree swing, a great example of what our kids used to call a monkey tail tree and a yard with what looked like a Model T and a parking meter used as yard art. These whimsical touches really added interest to this walk.

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