Monday, January 23, 2012

East Central Greenwood

The sun was shining today as my husband and I returned to Greenwood for a 5.3 mile walk. We visited streets we had not yet walked between Greenwood and Aurora N from N 86th to N 95th Street.

Once again, we were amazed at how quickly the neighborhood changed as soon as we were a few lots from Aurora. With the exception of Greenwood and Aurora, this is primarily a residential area. The southern portion has largely tidy single family homes (some streets reminded me of Wedgwood) and old style sidewalks and curbs.

The northern portion has many more multifamily units; some streets have newer style sidewalks and curbs or no sidewalks or curbs at all. We met a few walkers and a few dog walkers; all smiled and said hello.

We spotted a mural at 89th and Aurora,

some sculpture-like snow remains at 92nd just off Aurora,

a Salvation Army building and a Volunteers of America foodbank on Greenwood

and a Fremont-type direction sign in a front yard.

All in all, this was a pleasant walk on a beautiful sunny day.

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