Friday, January 13, 2012

Northeast Greenwood

We didn't see any tree swings in Greenwood today as my husband, a walking stick and I took a 5.7 mile walk in the area bounded by Aurora, N 105th, Evanston and N 93rd.

We started at 104th and Evanston and feared we might not be impressed by the neighborhood but, within a block, we came upon a P-Patch which improved our estimation.

That said, this is a very mixed area with businesses along Aurora, multiplexes near Aurora and single family homes to the west. The streets south of 100th had sidewalks and curbs and were much neater looking than streets to the north. There were lots of alleys, some in better shape than others. A few times, we were greeted by barking dogs (fenced in), unpleasant odors (gasoline, wood smoke??) and traffic noise but we also say a robin and some nicely tended homes and gardens. This is one area where the new denser housing may have improved some of the streets.

This area is home to Oak Lake Baptist Church (which appears to house the Music Center of the Northwest),

an overpass at 102nd and Aurora (which had been salted due to the cold weather),

a mural on the side of the North Park Grocery,

a vacant lot,

the Early Learning and Development Center, a face painted on a fence and lots of overhead wires.

Seattle City Light has a right-of-way through this neighborhood and lots of transmission wires leave its substation at 105th and Fremont and run through this right-of-way.

This stretch of Aurora had a different feel from the stretch we walked in Wallingford last week; I felt that it was geared more towards motorists than walkers.

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