Sunday, January 22, 2012

Southeast Greenwood

The snow was washing away quickly as my husband and I took a 4.8 mile walk in the Greenwood neighborhood today. We walked streets between Greenwood and Fremont Avenues N from N 74th to N 87th Street. Garden plantings appeared to have survived the snow and we were observed many shades of green and red breaking through the melting snow.

Greenwood Avenue is commercial and I had walked its streets on earlier walks so I won't post pictures of the Woodland Park United Methodist Church or the Greenwood branch of the Seattle Public Library (both located on Greenwood).

80th Street is pretty busy but 85th is very busy with two lanes of traffic in each direction. 85th has quite a few newer multiplexes but the majority of the area has modest single family homes. This is a tidy neighborhood with most of the streets having sidewalks, curbs and trees of moderate height.

We passed Greenwood Park which has nice play structures and an entry arch/gate. The gate is a memorial to the greenhouse that once stood here and a tribute to the Japanese Americans who worked here starting in 1928. The park also has an area commemorating the old Seattle-Everett Interurban Railroad. (It ran through or very close to the area which is now the park.) I guess this is where the Unterurban Trail and the Fremont sculpture 'Waiting for the Interurban' got their names.

We saw the Greenwood Senior Center, the Medicine Man Pharmacy, a Safeway parking lot, the Greenwood Christian Church (pictured in an earlier post), a sign for the Interurban North, the North Seattle Boys and Girls Club (with a mural on its side), a melting igloo, birdhouses, garden and car art,

tree swings

and tree swing signs.

This is a pleasant residential neighborhood with enough shops and a park to make it interesting.

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