Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today, my husband, the shillelaghs and I took a 4.7 mile walk in Wallingford. We walked the streets between N50th and N55th Streets from Green Lake Way N to Meridian Avenue N and those between Meridian and Sunnyside from N45th to N50th plus two streets south of 45th.

This is an area of mostly modest homes and pretty neat streets (a few sidewalks were carpeted with wet leaves). Parking appeared as if it could be an issue. We saw densely planted parking strips, some yard art and a welcoming bench.

This stretch of Green Lake Way N is busy and noisy as are the stretches of 45th and 50th. Meridian Playground and the Good Shepherd Center dominate the southeastern portion and we saw lots of people enjoying the playground and lots of plantings on the Good Shepherd P-Patch (one of Seattle Tilth's Demonstration Gardens).

45th Street is home to the Guild 45th's pink and blue theaters,

a French bakery,

a modern looking Taco Time

and the Iron Bull Pub

and Kabul Afghan Restaurant - each with a mural painted on its side.

(I reported on this area's Elim Baptist Church and a mailbox in an earlier post.)

Across Green Lake Way are the Woodland Park sports fields

and a Kidd Valley (we thought we could smell the food two blocks away).

There are many reasons to return to this area with its shops and recreational facilities.

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