Tuesday, March 18, 2014

South Beacon Hill

Today's 9.5 mile walk in South Beacon Hill took me from residential streets to parkland to industrial areas to highway and light rail lines.

The highlights were Benefit Playground (pictured above), the East Duwamish Greenbelt,

the Rainier Beach Light Rail Station with its artwork (I could see more on the other side of MLK Jr Way but will report on that when I walk in that area),

the lovely homes on South Burns Street (probably the most picturesque street in the area)

and the Tinh Xa Hue Minh Vietnamese Buddhist Temple (I could smell incense as I came to this street).

Beacon Avenue South has a lovely median strip

but hilly dead-end streets without sidewalks or curbs are common. Some streets are quite nice with gardens, a mix of old and new homes and some buffering vegetation to diminish the I-5 and MLK Jr Way traffic noises. Other streets have an abundance of vehicles parked every which way.

Some streets are nicely paved and others are a series of potholes and puddles.

Boeing Field and SEATAC Airport are nearby and planes appear to fly low and are noisy.

MLK Jr Way is mostly industrial; I passed H.E. Goldberg and Company, a Northwest Kidney Center facility, a shipping and receiving center for QFC, Kroger and MacDonald-Miller, Pacific Truck School, PS Public Storage, what looked like a Swap Meet/multi-purpose facility,

the spot where the light rail becomes elevated

and a Welcome to Tulwila sign (at last, an indication that I had reached the city limit!!!).

Along the way, I passed F.L.O.C.K. Christian Church,

the Elks Cascade Lodge 1416,

the Henderson CSO Water Treatment Outlet Regulator,


the Vegetable Bin, a Polynesian grocery,

and signs of spring.

This was not the most scenic area bit still one with lots to admire.

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