Thursday, March 27, 2014

Holly Park and Mid Beacon Hill

Spring blossoms brightened today's 4.6 mile walk as a friend and I chatted our way through the Holly Park and Mid Beacon Hill neighborhoods.

We admired the tidy streets of New Holly and even exchanged greetings with a woman who was cleaning a street equipped with a trash can and trash picker upper.

Trees at Shaffer Park were in bloom.

North and west of New Holly, we observed a primarily residential area with a mix of homes, mostly well maintained. It was a little noisy closer to I-5 and King County International Airport/Boeing Field.

Beacon Avenue has a lovely median strip and a few churches, St. Mark's Lutheran and Bethany United Church of Christ (both pictured in a prior post).

We spotted a community garden and

signs for the Refugee Women's Alliance and Standing Against Foreclosure and Eviction behind Bethany Church,

some pretty healthy looking greens

and a sculpture made from lids, hanging in a tree.

This area is home to the Graham Street Grocery.

Once again, I was surprised by the size of New Holly and I have not yet walked all of its streets.

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