Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It was a glorious day for a walk so my pastry/ gardening loving pal and I stopped at the Columbia City Bakery and then headed for the Rainier Beach Urban Farm and a walk in the Dunlap neighborhood. There were signs of spring everywhere and a lot more going on at the farm than there had been during my prior visit.

Rainier Avenue, Henderson Street and Renton Avenue are the busy streets in this area which is dominated by the Rainier Beach Community Center, Ballfield and Pool (with is great looking circular slide),

South Lake High School,

South Shore K-8 School

and Dunlap Elementary School (all bounded by Dunlap, Rainier, Henderson and Renton with Rainier Beach High School - pictured in a prior post - located across the street on the east side of Rainier). There is a lot of learning going on in these few blocks.

Along Rainier, we spotted the New Star Mini-Mart, the Good Sherherd's Preschool (housed in what appeared to a an Arabic or African Christian church), Gobelle Market,

the Ethiopian Community Mutual Association, the Somali Mini Mall, the Hamarwayne International Shopping Center, the Rainier Chicago Market, ethnic restaurants,

the Emerald City Bible Fellowship and the deserted Colonial Pancake House.

The rest of the area is residential with modest homes and some sweet streets.

Along the way, we passed All Saints Episcopal Church,

interesting fences (one with Farmland Security and Fear the Cow signs),

imaginative curbside gardening,

much loved houses and yards,

yard art

and a Townfolk Dead End sign.

It was a beautiful day and a great walk.

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