Sunday, March 23, 2014

Inside Seward Park

Noticing that there is a road named Seward Park Road inside the park, my husband and I decided to walk it.

This road (which is open to cars) is not long but took us to picnic areas, parking and views of the lake.

We circled back to the lower parking lot and walked clockwise along a trail around the outside of the park. We enjoyed great views of Andrews Bay,

passed the "Reverend U. G. Murphy" Fishing Pier, chatted with people who were carrying buckets of water as a fund raiser for those who don't have access to clean water, read about the history of the Seward Park Fish Hatchery (five of the original ponds have been retained as historical artifacts),

came across a log cabin (an old pump house)

with a bench on the water side dedicated to Michael Henry Cohen

and a stone bridge dedicated to the Outdoor Sports Council.

We circled back to the playground and a water access area which were well used on this beautiful spring day.

Along the way, we spotted a few burglary warning signs which were chained to other objects

and a tree with a large bough that seemed to have rooted.

Our 4.3 mile walk was worth every step and got me in the mood for a Walking in Seattle presentation I will be giving tomorrow at NESTCafe.

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  1. Congrats on your talk at NEST--I heard it was VERY good, and interactive!