Friday, March 7, 2014

Columbia City

The sun actually came out today as my husband and I took a 4.1 mile walk in the Columbia City neighborhood. The area we walked was sandwiched between Martin Luther King Jr Way and Rainier Avenue S and South Orcas and Graham Streets. It is dominated by the Brighton Playfield

and Aki Kurose Middle School. Most of the homes are modest and older with a few new homes on subdivided lots.

The Empire Way Shopping Center on MLK Jr Way is home to an assortment of food (including Viet-Wah Superfoods), goods and services storefronts including three bakeries (Q, Tony's and Meianna). MLK Jr Way has other shopping areas that include Firestone, Seasoned In Seattle, Baskin Robbins, Starbucks and fast food shops.

This area is home to Trinity Life Center,

a Kingdom Hall of Jahovah's Witnesses (which is expanding onto the adjacent lot),

Saint Edward's School and Church (pictured in a prior post),

Katharine's Place,

the Filipino Community Center, B 'N' T Preschool Academy and Kingway Apartments.

The area abuts New Beginnings Christian Ministries

and Seattle Chinese Assemblies of God.

Along the way we spotted signs of spring,

a lovingly tended garden

and porch art.

Today we saw another segment of the diverse Columbia City neighborhood.

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