Thursday, March 6, 2014

Columbia City and Seward Park

The rain had kept me from walking for too long so I decided to walk in the rain today. I walked 6 miles in the Columbia City and Seward Park neighborhoods. Martin Luther King Jr Way and Rainier Avenue South are both busy streets in this area but the rest of the streets are quiet and residential.

Most of the streets closer to the lake have sidewalks and curbs with modest older homes (a few have been replaced by newer, modern homes). Closer to MLK Jr Way, there are fewer sidewalks and curbs.

Rainier Avenue houses a Group Health complex, Juba Cafe, Raja for AfricaDayspring and Fitch Funeral Home and the Tenants Union of Washington State. MLK Jr Way is home to Nazareth Market.

This area is home to the Hillman City P-Patch (at 46th and Lucille) and the Brandon Street community orchard (at 47th and Brandon - pictured in a prior post),

New Light Church, Learning Garden Montessori School

and three Little Free Libraries (46th near Brandon, 51st and Findlay and at the P-Patch).

This area abuts Congregation Ezra Bessaroth (pictured in a prior post) and Saint Edward Catholic Church and School

(its O'Brien Center Gymnasium looks as if it might have been the original church building).

Along the way, I spotted a garden shrine,

art on a fence,

art on a house,

art in a garden,

palm trees

and signs of spring.

It was good to be out walking again even if I did get a little wet.

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