Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mid Beacon Hill and the Chief Sealth Trail

  Today, I walked 6.6 miles and used the Chief Sealth Trail in Mid Beacon Hill to connect the edges of some prior walks. This is a great way to connect neighborhoods.

The trail runs under transmission towers and is quite hilly. I passed a few walkers, joggers, dog walkers and two bicyclists (one with grocery bags on the handlebars).

Trail segments were occasionally connected by short street segments. This section near Dearborn Park Elementary (pictured in a prior post) veered onto Orcas Street for a few feet. The arrow and barrier are most likely there to prevent trail users from entering the school driveway which looks a lot like the trail. There are quite a few dead end streets abutting the trail; houses and streets in the area are tidy.

Closer to Martin Luther King Jr Way, some of the streets are not as tidy and some homes have a number of vehicles on or near the property. Other homes, just a little over a block from MLK Jr Way are lovingly maintained

as are some gardens.

Tucked in between Juneau and Graham, just west of MLK Jr Way, is the lovely HomeSight community, Noji Gardens,

with its welcoming signs.

Across from Noji Gardens, I spotted the Verbena Vista Wetlands.

I walked on, passing Katharine's Place (pictured in a prior post) and the Bunkhouse

before coming to the lovely garden outside the building housing an Allstate office and CS Fine Gifts. In this area, I had a great view of Mount Rainier.

Heading back to the trail, I noted shops along MLK Jr Way including auto maintenance shops, a Vietnamese Asian grocery store and Abdul's Fastfood and Deli.

This area is home to the Seattle Chinese Alliance Church (pictured in a prior post), Abu-Bakr Mosque, a Washington State Department of Social and Health Services facility

and Co Lam Pagoda.

Along the way, I spotted some artistic garage doors.

This was another enjoyable Seattle walk.

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  1. Regarding the post and captioned photo: "Across from Noji Gardens, I spotted the Verbena Vista Wetlands." does anyone know who is caring for the Verbeba Vista wetland? There currently are plans to reduce the wetland to just 15 to 20 percent of its existing size. TreePAC and friends to the Noji Gardens are setting up a call with SDCI and SDOT regarding new street cutting up the middle of the wetland and new buildings at 5721 and 5722 35th Ave S. Text 312-965-0634 or email