Monday, May 20, 2013

Seaview and Genesee

The day wasn't the clearest but I still enjoyed some great views today as I walked 8.7 miles in the Seaview and Genesee neighborhoods of West Seattle. I filled in streets between Beach Drive and 45th Avenue SW from SW Genesee to Atlas Place SW.

This is a residential area with some great views, especially along Beach Drive and Atlas Place.

Along this stretch of Beach Drive, south of the Emma Schmitz Memorial Outlook, houses are on the water and I saw some really grand estates

as well as some very modest homes.

Beach Drive has bikes painted in both lanes.

A house on a large piece of property had just sold.

I walked north to Jacobson Road (where the beach becomes public) and sat a bench dedicated to the memory of Susie King.

As I got up, a neighbor in the house across from the bench waved at me. I have found West Seattle to be a very friendly place.

After walking up the hill along Jacobson, I noted more lovely homes,

modest homes made lovely by beautiful gardens

and smaller homes being replaced by newer, larger ones.

This area is home to Ercolini Park.

Along the way, I noted streets that became footpaths (Heinze and Brandon),

a "Goats at Play" sign,

some impressive trees,

a sunny vegetable garden,

what looked like a well but was now a bird bath,

quiet streets, beautiful blooms


and signs for

Another great Seattle neighborhood.

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