Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Alki and Genesee Neighborhoods

There were many lovely residential streets to see during today's 9.2 mile walk in the Alki and Genesee neighborhoods of West Seattle. I filled in streets I had not already walked 48th and 58th Avenues SW from SW Spokane to SW Hudson Street.

I was treated to views of Mount Rainier, the Olympics

and Puget Sound.

I walked along peaceful streets,

passed the closed Genesee Hill School and admired a small P-Patch in its school yard.

I admired lovely gardens, rockeries and garden art. (I did not attempt to fish in Eagle Creek.)

A few houses provided boxes of sidewalk chalk.

I climbed a few hills and spotted a staircase

and a sign for Covestone Sculptural Moldings.

Gardeners, dog walkers, joggers, tradespeople and walkers all smiled as I passed them by on this enjoyable walk.

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