Friday, May 31, 2013

Atlantic Neighborhood Judkins Park Area

A desire to check out a new bakery and visit a nursery in the Leschi / Madrona area took a friend and me to the Central District today so we tacked on a 6 mile stroll through the Atlantic neighborhood near Judkins Park. We walked streets from Judkins Park to Martin Luther King Jr. Way S from S Washington Street to the I-90 lid.

S Jackson Street and MLK Jr Way were commercial but the rest of the streets were primarily residential with quite a few churches and a few schools.

This area had many well-kept, older homes

and a number of the streets were lined with lovely older trees.

There were a few newer homes and some modern-looking ones under construction.

Along the way, we spotted Fire Station No. 6,

Washington Middle School,

Thurgood Marshall Elementary School,

Seattle Central Wood Technology Center,

Seattle Girls School,

Standard Brewing,

Greater Mount Baker Baptist Church,

Bethany Church of Christ Holiness (USA),

Church of God Evangelistic Center,

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church,

Tender Mercy Deliverance Center,

Saint Gebriel Eastern Orthodox Church,

Leon Sullivan Health Care Center

and the Judkins Street Cafe.

The neighborhood was pretty quiet on this lovely Spring morning and we enjoyed our walk.

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