Thursday, May 9, 2013

Industrial District

The morning fog convinced me to walk in the Industrial District rather than return to North Admiral today and miss, what on a clearer day, would be great views. I filled in streets between E Marginal Way and 4th Avenue S from S Atlantic to S Horton Street. Railroad tracks run through the center of this area and I had to stop a few times during my 6.6 mile walk and wait for trains to pass.

Marginal Way runs parallel to 99 and along the Duwamish. It has designated bike lanes in each direction and a good sidewalk for walkers. I spotted many more bikers, joggers, walkers and dog walkers than I expected along this highly industrial strip. At one point, I was quite close to the Duwamish and the aroma was less than desirable.

Running west from Marginal Way, a dead end street leads to the Port of Seattle's Jack Perry Memorial Shoreline Public Access. This access is not nearly as nice as other Port accesses I've seen and I only saw shoreline through a fence - maybe work is being done.

Nearby, I passed a Coast Guard installation and spotted an historical marker commemorating the first of the modern freight and passenger terminals built in 1925 by the Seattle Steamship Company and acquired by the Coast Guard in 1976 to serve as its regional support center.

I spotted signs for the "International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots, ILA, AFl-CIO" and the Pacific Maritime Institute Maritime Technology and Career Center and an artwork/memorial plea for truckers and bikers to coexist.

Heading east, I could see the Starbucks Headquarters building which dominates the skyline in this area and may be contributing to the revitalization of 1st Avenue where I noted some well-maintained buildings, many catering to home lighting and tiles businesses.

The pedestrian walkway in front of the Starbuck's building is quit different from the tracks along Colorado Avenue behind it.

Further east, I passed Sounders trains and more fast food restaurants than I can name. Krispy Kreme Donuts even had a drive through that was doing a brisk business.

Along the way, I passed a Kasala Outlet, a Seattle Lighting Clearance Outlet, a large Outdoor Research building, the Pacific Galleries Antique Mall (I stopped in for a few minutes and was amazed at the amount of merchandise), the Seattle Public Schools District Headquarters, the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence, a medical marijuana access point,

a nice looking building with a "Sailor's Rest" sign (an internet search led me think that the history of the sign might be more interesting than the history of the building),

a painted bus that reminded me of the Henry murals

and an old Army Navy store.

Not my favorite walk but not bad either.

A later trip to this neighborhood to visit the Living Computer Museum and Labs was really enjoyable.

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