Thursday, May 2, 2013

Genesee and North Admiral

Upon reaching today's walk destination, I realized that I had forgotten my camera so I will attempt to create verbal images of the peaceful Genesee and North Admiral neighborhoods. I walked 7.1 miles along streets between California and 35th Avenues SW from SW Hanford to SW Andover Street.

With the exception of California which is commercial, this is a tidy residential area with alleys, sidewalks and curbs, lovely gardens (many with colorful azaleas in bloom) and well-kept modest homes. I saw more homes for sale than I've been noting recently but the price tags were not modest (in the $400,000 - $700,000 range).

The streets sloped gently uphill as I walked east from California, cresting near 38th Avenue SW and then dropping more steeply down to 35th. This eastern edge had views of the Cascades but also of the industry on Harbor Island. There is a ravine where 35th dead-ends near Hanford.

The day was clear and I had views of the snow-capped Olympic Mountains when walking west and the Cascade Mountains when walking east. I even spied Mount Rainier when looking southeast. I could see the West Seattle Bridge, the Space Needle and the Seattle skyline and noted a few homes which appeared to have added upper stories to take advantage of the views.

This area abuts three churches and West Seattle High School and contains a water tower - all pictured in a prior walk.

I returned to take a picture at a house near Hanford and Belvidere which has quite a few palm trees and an interesting artwork on a BMW hood in its driveway.

I noted a few yards designated as Certified Wildlife Habitats, a pet styling salon, an apartment house at Hines and 37th (multi-family dwellings are mostly along California) and a Spanish Language preschool  (on California).

Returning to this neighborhood to walk streets I missed will be a pleasure.

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