Wednesday, May 15, 2013

North Delridge, Harbor Island and the Industrial District

Today's weather was perfect for a walk along the West Seattle Bridge Bike Trail and I was pleasantly surprised by the views along the way. My 6.9 mile walk took from the Industrial District, through Harbor Island and into the North Delridge neighborhood of West Seattle. I spent a lot of time waiting at crosswalks because lights are definitely geared to favor car and truck traffic over pedestrians and I passed many six-way intersections.

In the North Delridge neighborhood, I saw reminders of Luna Park

and passed the large and modern looking All Star Fitness Center which bordered on a lovely creek.

I noted the Nucor Steel Company Plant, Bartell's Corporate Headquarters, Cafe Skykark Club, signs for the Duwamish, Alki and West Seattle Bridge Trails

and the Chelan Cafe (with its sign noting that it was voted the best diner in Seattle.

Walking east where the trail rises onto the West Seattle Bridge, I could look down and see the Harbor Island Marina on the south end of Harbor Island.

I could look west and see the West Seattle industrial area across the Duwamish.

Back down on Spokane Street, I enjoyed the views from a rest area where workers were cleaning the planter boxes and cutting back shrubbery.

Looking north, the Duwamish seemed clean and the views were impressive.

I was even educated about Combined Sewer Overflow.

I did observe what might have been a homeless encampment under a bridge approach alongside the trail - I guess the homeless don't have as much pull as the bicyclists - these were lovely trails.

East of the Duwamish, I was in the industrial area with warehouses, railroad tracks and, along Spokane Street, I was again educated by historical information posted on the pillars of the bridge approach. I do enjoy the Frye Museum and was surprised to learn that it is supported by the real estate holdings which go back to the meat packing industry in this SoDo neighborhood.

This was a varied walk but a really enjoyable one.

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