Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Victory Heights

Today, my husband and I returned to the Victory Heights neighborhood for a 4.6 mile walk. We walked the street between NE 100th Street and Northgate Way from 20th to 24th Avenue NE.

This is a neat neighborhood of single family homes, lovely gardens and lots of dead end streets, some leading to staircases or footpaths.

The south fork of Thornton Creek runs through this neighborhood and it seemed to keep showing up everywhere. Thornton Creek Park #2 is in this area and we saw a sign asking neighbors to help name the parks but the deadline was May 2nd so we were too late.

This area does not have sidewalks or curbs and is quite hilly. Traffic along Lake City Way can be heard along surrounding streets but lots are large and most properties show real pride of ownership.

I will return to walk surrounding streets and get a better look at Victory Heights Playground which we spotted half a block away.

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