Monday, July 18, 2011

Maple Leaf

Today's walk brought me back to the Maple Leaf neighborhood for a 4.6 mile walk of the streets bordered by NE 95th and 102nd Streets and 5th and 15th Avenues NE.

5th and 15th Avenues have apartments and condos and Roosevelt has businesses but the rest of the neighborhood is single family homes.

5th, 15th and Roosevelt have sidewalks and curbs but the other streets do not. Trees are not as many nor as tall as on the streets closer to Thornton Creek but the area still has a country cottage feel. Some of the older homes are modest but have leaded glass windows. I had just remarked on how much they added to the appeal of the homes when I passed Glassique, an architectural glass design shop about to open on Roosevelt. This stretch of Roosevelt is also the home of the Dartmoor School, a music repair shop, a bead shop, a cake decorating shop, a travel store, and a recently closed gallery whose space is available for lease.

Some homes have alley access, some have lovely gardens

and some figure out how to compensate for less than spectacular gardens.

I saw a few walkers and a few dogs (who stayed on their property).

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