Saturday, July 16, 2011

Green Lake and the Milk Carton Derby

The Milk Carton Derby brought my husband and me to Green Lake this morning and we tacked on a 7 mile walk. We entered this race about 7 years in a row when our kids were small so we love to see the entries and appreciate how hard it is to make those boats move and how cold the water can be.

We walked the streets east of the lake and Woodland Park to 1st Avenue NE from 55th to 60th Street and a few extra streets.

This is a very tidy neighborhood with well kept homes. The back yards are small but the rockeries and front yards make up for it. Streets are tree-lined with sidewalks and curbs (and probably parking problems when lots of people are visiting the lake.

We saw lots of people at the commercial intersection of 55th and Meridian which houses restaurants and coffee and donut shops.

This neighborhood appears to have a lot of urban farmers and joggers.

We finished our walk back at Woodland Park's lawn bowling fields. This is a great place to walk.

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