Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pinehurst and Victory Heights

Today, I walked 6.4 miles in the Pinehurst and Victory Heights neighborhoods.

I walked streets from 17th to 125th Street NE between Roosevelt Way and 22nd Avenue NE.

Close to Roosevelt Way NE, this neighborhood has many newer condo developments and, since it was garbage day, I saw lots of garbage, recycling and yard waste/compost cans. Further east, there are many single family homes

and more gardens.

15th Avenue NE and Pinehurst Way NE have lots of businesses including a newly remodeled Safeway Store

and some African and Middle Eastern shops.

Also located here is The Holy Trinity Eritrean Orthodox T. Church of Seattle.

This neighborhood also houses the Meadowbrook Cooperative Preschool and the Lake City Christian Church.

The Pinehurst Playfield was a pleasant surprise and really added to the neighborhood.

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