Monday, July 11, 2011

Northwestern Maple Leaf

Today's walk was pretty short, only 2.9 miles of streets but I had already walked a considerable distance doing chores in the Northgate area before starting my walk in the Maple Leaf neighborhood. I walked streets between 5th Avenue and Roosevelt Way NE from NE 102nd to Northgate Way.

These streets were quite mixed with businesses along Northgate Way, the mall, housing complexes and the Northgate Library and Community Center along 5th Avenue, a hospital and apartment complexes along 8th Avenue, single family homes on other streets and Thornton Creek running through it.

There were lots of people walking on Northgate Way and 5th Avenue but not much foot traffic on the other streets.

I went into Green Lake Jewelry Works on Northgate Way just to see what it was and ask why it was named Green Lake (they used to be located there).

The biggest surprise was the number and size of the trees lining Thornton Creek and Thornton Creek Park #6.

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