Friday, July 15, 2011

Maple Leaf

Today, I walked the streets south of the south fork of Thornton Creek. My 4.1 mile stroll covered streets between 8th Avenue NE and Thornton Creek from NE 100th to 107th Street.

This is a quiet, residential area with lots of streets dead-ending when they reach the creek. There are lots of trees near the creek and lots of overhead wires in other areas.

Some yards have flowers

and others are set up as wildlife habitats.

The area is hilly in spots and a new bridge on 15th spans a deep ravine.

It appears that lot sizes were large and some houses have been replaced with two new large houses (Craftsman being the preferred style).

I saw someone waiting for a bus, someone riding a motorized, handicapped scooter, a dog walker and multiple contractors working on homes near the creek.

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