Saturday, July 9, 2011

PInehurst and Victory Heights

Today's 6.1 mile walk took me back to Pinehurst and Victory Heights. I walked the streets I had missed between NE Northgate Way and NE 117th Street from Roosevelt Way to Lake City Way.

The biggest surprise was Victory Creek Park tucked in behind the QFC parking lot on Northgate Way. The park is small but neat; it's the location that is surprising.

This neighborhood is pretty flat on the western end and hilly on the eastern end near Lake City Way. Traffic was pretty heavy along 15th Avenue NE and it's not a very walker-friendly street.

This neighborhood varies from street to street with some residential streets being quit nice and other streets having mixed uses and/or not reflecting pride of ownership. Some streets had lots of large wheeled vehicles and boats parked in front of houses. I saw a good number of people out walking and a woman tending a lovely garden in the traffic circle on Goodwin Way NE.

This neighborhood is home to the Northgate Idras Mosque,

Aegis Inn (a memory care community), Merrill Gardens Retirement Community,

an Ethiopean restaurant,

a number of ethnic businesses, a fenced compound with three houses inside

and a house with a poster in the window, defining the word "gobsmacked."

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