Monday, March 28, 2011

West Central Bryant

I was back in Bryant today walking the streets from 35th to 40th Avenue NE between NE 55th and 65th Streets. My 4.85 mile walk took me up and down the hills of this residential neighborhood.

The Wedgwood Mart is on the corner of 35th and 65th even though this is not technically in Wedgwood. 35th Avenue NE is residential the rest of the way down to 55th Street and there is a nice new sidewalk on the east side of the street.

The homes here appear to be a little older and a little bigger than the ones I saw yesterday but this area also has some pretty big newer homes mixed in.

A few homes along the eastern edge have a creek running through their yards and quite a few homeowners have landscaped their parking strips or are using them to grow vegetables.

One home's strip contained rock slabs with plaques from which I learned that "kindness can pluck the hair out of a lion's mustache" and "The wind (the gentle) rules the east. It is associated with the green dragon which is the early spring. The celestial mansion is February 1st, Candlemas Day, Purification."

A sign welcomed me to Utopia Heights which turned out to be an art studio, not another neighborhood.

A bus stop on 39th and 65th had a bench, a small landscaped area and a decorated shelter.

Most of the homes were very well kept but a few weren't and seemed out of place. The Cherry trees were blooming today and really added to this quiet residential area.

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