Thursday, March 24, 2011

South and Southeast of Jackson Park

Yesterday was a spectacular day, perfect for walking, so I took a 10 mile walk in the neighborhoods south and southeast of Jackson Park and added a short stretch of Sand Point Way that I may have missed in earlier walks. (I enjoy these walks so much that sometimes I forget to mark my map.) I walked the streets between NE 125th and 135th Streets from 5th Avenue to 20th Avenue NE.

The area near the golf course has big trees and would have a rural feel except for the numbers of condos and apartments.

There were lots of cars parked near the golf course on this beautiful day and there were lots of open houses. (I think Wednesday is the day realtors go around looking at houses.)

Just south of the golf course, I came across a pea patch and a trail through dense woods.

Thornton Creek runs through these neighborhoods and some homeowners have done spectacular landscaping along the banks as it runs through their property.

This is a neighborhood of dead ends, stairways and a sound wall along I-5. It houses the Seattle Jewish Community School, Grace Chinese Lutheran Church, St. Matthew's Catholic Church and School (the church appears to have both Roman and Malkite liturgies). School buildings and churches seem to be adapting to serve changing communities.

The corner of 125th and 15th is commercial, with gas stations, a car wash, fast food places, a cleaners and a newly remodeled Safeway store.

I saw quite a few people along 15th Avenue, some dog walkers and young women playing with preschoolers on a dead end street.

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