Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eastern Laurelhurst

It was bright and clear today as my husband and I returned to Laurelhurst to continue our walk through this pristine neighborhood with sidewalks, curbs and underground utilities.

The views were so impressive, the architecture so pleasing and the gardens so well designed and tended that we stopped frequently to admire them and only walked about 3.2 miles.

We walked the streets between 51st Ave NE and Lake Washington from NE Latimer Place to the grounds of the Villa plus the block bounded by 50th Ave and 45th Street. Lake and mountain views were almost everywhere and we could see the 520 floating bridge from a few streets.

Northern end streets ran into the grounds of the Villa and we came across many dead end streets. We also came across quite a few staircases and a street sign with what we assumed was a staircase designation.

We saw a young woman walking two small children and a woman gardening.

There were more cars parked on the streets than we had expected, probably because the homes are older and the garages smaller than in some other areas.

Some streets were pretty steep and the some of the sidewalks were ridged.

This would probably be a pleasant area to walk no matter what the weather.

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