Saturday, March 26, 2011

South Laurelhurst

Yesterday and today, my husband and I finished walking the streets of Laurelhurst by completing all the streets south of NE 41st Street.

This is a residential area with lots of water views. The only disappointments were the traffic noise audible in Webster Point (the southern tip) and some mossy and uneven sidewalks. I had my first fall during one of these walks when I tripped over an uneven piece of sidewalk. Luckily, my husband grabbed my hand and I didn't fall too hard. Other than that, the homes, gardens and views were lovely and we discovered some public access to the water along 43rd avenue NE.

This is an area of overlapping street and avenue numbers, multi-street intersections and twisting streets. Even with a map, it's sometimes hard to tell just where you are.

It looks as if some older homes have been and are being replaced by newer ones; the modern designs don't seem to fit in with the existing traditional styles.

There is some King County property (with a keep out sign) west of Surber Drive and the Center for Urban Horticulture is just west of that. We ended today's walk by checking out the center and walked about 9 miles.

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