Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lake City - Homewood Park

Back from Hawaii (where it was a lot sunnier), my husband and I returned to the Lake City neighborhood of Homewood Park today and successfully avoided rain during our 4.2 mile walk.

We walked most of the streets between 23rd Avenue NE and Lake City Way from 115th to 125th Street.

This area is hilly, sloping down from 23rd to Lake City Way. From 23rd, we caught views of Lake Washington and the Cascades.

The north fork of Thornton Creek runs through this neighborhood and it was running swiftly today.

This is a mixed neighborhood with many apartments near 125th Street and commerce along Lake City Way. Dick's Drive is located on 30th Avenue NE as is an interesting sculpture, the Coffee Pot Pergola. The rest of the area is mostly single family homes and Thornton Creek.

This area is home to Virgil Flaim Park and the Lake City Baptist Church.

It wasn't Hawaii but it was a nice walk.

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