Thursday, March 17, 2011

Northeast Laurelhurst

Yesterday, my husband and I took a 4 mile walk along the streets of Laurelhurst.

We walked the streets between 45th Avenue and Ivanhoe Place NE from NE 50th Street to Sand Point Way plus a few bordering streets.

This is a tidy neighborhood with sidewalk and curbs and mostly underground or hidden (in alleys and back yards) utilities. The neighborhood slopes down towards Lake Washington and offers some lovely views.

Along Sand Point Way, we passed a gas station, a bank and a small shopping area. Sand Point Village is home to City People's, a wine shop, coffee shop, biking gym, real estate office, jewelry store, spa, bakery and pharmacy.

South of Sand Point Way, we came across St. Bridget's Catholic Church and Villa Academy, whose grounds were impressive.

This is an area in which the street and avenue numbers overlap and we found ourselves on the corner of 50th and 50th then we were pleasantly surprised to discover Sun Park, a pocket park at 47th and 47th.

Homes and gardens were very well maintained and we saw some gardeners working. We were greeted by a dog walker and saw a few people in the shopping area.

It was an enjoyable walk and, if we had wanted to window shop, have coffee or a bakery item, it would have been a good spot for that.

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