Monday, March 21, 2011

Central Laurelhurst and NE Laurelcrest Lane

It was starting to drizzle when my husband and I took off for our walk today so we decided to return to Laurelhurst's neat sidewalks and avoid any potential puddles. The rains didn't materialize but we enjoyed our 4.7 mile walk in the neighborhood surrounding the lovely Laurelhurst Park and running down to the Laurelhurst Beach Club.

As in our last visit to Laurelhurst, we saw well tended homes and gardens and not too many tall trees blocking views of Lake Washington and the Cascades. Some of the homes appeared to be of modest size but had lovely gardens, others seemed to be larger but had plain lawns and gardens. Still other homes appeared to have both size and beautiful gardens.

This is also an area where street and avenue numbers overlap and here is a beautiful median strip along 43rd Avenue NE which is bounded by the grounds of Childrens' Hospital on the north.

We walked down to the lake and came to the Laurelhurst Beach Club and a very small stretch of public access. We walked along NE Laurelcrest Lane and found the northern half to have a much more welcoming feeling; the southern half had notices that we were being video monitored (we didn't mug for the cameras).

This is a hilly neighborhood and we had a good workout. The streets to the west of Laurelhurst Park and Community Center dead-ended with foot access to the park.

We saw a number of school children out running/walking in their PE clothes, gardeners and home service people but probably only one other walker.

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