Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mid Beacon Hill

Comet Lodge Cemetery was the highlight of today's 8.1 mile walk in the Mid Beacon Hill neighborhood. Click the link to read the fascinating history of this pioneer graveyard established in 1895.

Some of the stones mark the graves of woodworkers and look like tree trunks.

Others are more traditional. After reading the history, I plan to return and look more closely at some of the stones.

This neighborhood, east of Cleveland High School (here is the view from 15th Avenue; a prior post shows other sides) is a mix of older, modest bungalows

and newer, modern houses -

some on private streets.

The noise from I-5, Boeing Field and train whistles was very distracting but some residents still love their gardens.

This area is home to the Chinese Baptist Church, Temple El Redentor (pictured in a prior post)

and an enclave whose sign baffled me but which Google maps seem to identify as Tenrikyo High Seattle Church.

Along the way I spotted a tree house, Seahawks fever (12th man flags on cars, a plane taking off from Boeing Field with a large 12 on its blue tail fin, a small plane flying over downtown, pulling a large Seahawks flag),

an interesting fence.

a nice, tree-lined median strip on Beacon Avenue, a helicopter hovering overhead and a police swat team outside a house on what looked like a quiet residential street. The officers in bulletproof vests looked so young and calm. I prayed that things would work out well and I think they did. When I wound my way back to that street to end my walk, the police were all leaving and I hadn't heard any shots.

This was quite a walk.

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