Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Maybe it was because the sun was shining or maybe it was just the innate charm of the area but my husband and I were impressed with the tidiness of most of the 5.1 miles of Brighton streets we walked today. We could have been in Wedgwood or Crown Hill or many neighborhoods of West Seattle.

There were auto repair shops and apartments along Rainier Avenue S but, once we were a few buildings away from Rainier, we saw many well-maintained single family homes on nice sized lots. My husband did note a lot of chain-link fences and there were quite a few dogs who barked as we passed by.

This area is home to Othello Playground,

Trinity Life Center, Columbia Place Senior Housing,

Chua Hung Tu (I suspect it is a Vietnamese Buddhist temple but could not find any information),

Universal Human Body Energy of America (meditation center),

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School,

Thanh That Cao Dai Temple Seattle (Vietnamese Holy House)

and a few stairways connecting dead-end streets to Rainier Avenue.

Along the way, we spotted a meticulously trimmed hedge,

a large vacant lot adjacent to an apartment house along Rainier where residents appeared to have created a P-patch, a mural on the Century Link building,

a garden, mostly hidden by trees,  that appeared to be filled with Buddhist statuary (I will be checking the front side of the lot on another walk) and an old phone booth.

This was another enjoyable Seattle walk.


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  2. Thank you, Naveed. The information on this page consists of personal observations. I am no longer adding to the blog.