Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mid Beacon Hill

Today's 9.8 mile walk took me to Mid Beacon Hill and the streets between I-5 and Beacon Avenue S from S Angeline to S Lucile Street as well as under I-5 and over the railroad tracks separating Beacon Hill from Georgetown.

This area is home to Cleveland High School which is so close to I-5 that I researched to see when I-5 was built - around 1957 to 1967 - more than 30 years after Cleveland High School was built. I hope the I-5 and airplane noises are not audible inside the school. The high school has been remodeled and the side facing 15th Avenue

is nothing like the side facing 13th Avenue

or the entry on Lucile Street.

Chief Sealth Trail runs through the northeastern part of this area and shares space with power transmission towers and a petroleum pipeline

and runs beside a P-Patch.

Parts of the area might look like Wedgwood or West Seattle if it were not for the transmission towers.

There is a commercial area along Beacon Avenue with parking provided in a median strip but the shops do not look prosperous.

Most homes are modest but there is quite a bit of new construction (some of it pricy looking).

I walked down and up the 155 steps of the stairway connecting 18th to 20th along Lucile.

This area is home to Templo el Redentor Asambleas de Dios, the Denise Louie Education Center, the Community Day School Association,

the South India Christian Fellowship,

the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church of Our Lady of Zarvanycia

and Saint George Catholic Church and School

where I hiked up to see the shrine on the hill

and passed the parish preschool which was sporting a 12th man display.

Along the way, I observed some yard art

and the former Paris Bakery.

This is another neighborhood whose history I wish I knew.

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